Zincksoft Linux Web Hosting Control Panel Ver. 4.2.0 is Released.

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I have been working with Zincksoft for over 6 years now and always found the work produced to be 100%. We will continue to use them and would recommend to anyone looking for a professional IT Services.
-Loren Howard, USA ratingstars
We decided to outsource our web development early 2008, we have used Zincksoft on a number of projects and would use again and again. They are extremely reliable.
-Jim Geeling, UK ratingstars
As a small business we need to watch costs carefully, Zincksoft worked within our budget and even helped us to improve on the original spec. We are delighted with the results and will use again.
-John Watkins, Spain ratingstars
I have Zincksoft on by books and a proffered choice for any web development. They are very good at understanding requirements and will even recommend improvements where needed.
-Jean, New Zealand ratingstars
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