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Inventory Management

Some of the features of Inventory Management are :

  1. Order stock levels within Ecommerce.
  2. Works with a safety stock.
  3. Export stock lists as CSV .
  4. This module makes it easy for you to manage your inventory within Ecommerce!.
  5. You can edit stock levels and safety stock levels easily per product.
  6. No need anymore to export your inventory lists to outside of Ecommerce!.
  7. Define what your stock control list should like, you can make selections like:
    1. Show products from selected categories
    2. Show only published products
    Filter the selection by:
    1. Setting in min and max level for the current products in stock
    2. Setting a min and max level for the order level (current product - safety stock)
    3. Excluded selected products
    Other options:
    1. Al filters and selection are saved for next time
    2. Sort by: product_in_stock, safety_stock, order_level, product_sku, product_name
    3. Export the current view to CSV
    4. Products displayed with picture.