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Online Control Panel

Ecommerce has a full fledged control panel. You can add or edit any of the content items, create new or make changes to existing menus, create new sections as well as categories. Besides this you can upload as well as manage media (pictures, videos etc) and make changes in the Global configuration of Ecommerce.

Full online control panel for admin management Features:

  1. Full online control panel for admin management
  2. Dynamically populate product pages without the need to touch the database.
  3. CSS based skinable control panel and website pages.
  4. Simple process for adding / modifying / deleting products, pages and categories.
  5. Full online Page viewing by date selection and search.
  6. Product search within the admin section.
  7. Editable order details and create new order invoice and send to customers.
  8. CSV database upload.
  9. Language specific admin available.
  10. Customizing The Look And Feel.
  11. Adding the Meta tags and Linking to Appropriate Menu.
  12. WYSIWYG Editor.

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