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Research Activities

Organizations are increasingly practicing data mining and data warehousing- data warehousing market consists of tools, technologies, and methodologies that allow for the construction, usage, management, and maintenance of the hardware and software used for a data warehouse, as well as the actual data itself. To discover patterns and trends in the data.

Purpose of research :

  1. To present the question to be researched and its importance
  2. To discuss the research efforts of others who have worked on related questions
  3. To suggest the data necessary for solving the question
Type of research :
  1. Internal
  2. External
Research Firms Provide :
  1. Centralized-location interviewing
  2. Focus group facilities
  3. Data-processing and statistical analysis capabilities
  4. Access to point of scale data
  5. Research provides you with the knowledge and skills needed for the fast-paced decision-making environment
  6. Search for knowledge through objective and systematic method of finding solution to the problem is research
  7. Systematic approach concerns generalization and formulation