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Powerpoint Presentation

PowerPoint is widely used by business people, educators, students, and trainers and among the most prevalent forms of persuasive technology.

Some of the Good Presentation Tips :

  1. Don't overload your slides with too much text or data.
  2. FOCUS. In general, using a few powerful slides is the aim.
  3. Let the picture or graphic tell the story. Avoid text.
  4. Number your slides and give them a title.
  5. Use the "summary slide" feature in slide sorter view to prepare an Agenda or Table of Contents slide.
  6. Prepare a company logo slide for your presentation.
  7. You can add a logo and other graphics to every slide using the slide master feature.
  8. Proof read everything, including visuals and numbers.
  9. Keep "like" topics together
  10. Strive for similar line lengths for text.