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New Zincksoft Javascript Framework - ZJSU (Ver. 2.0)

The JSU Framework is an extensible module-based JavaScript framework aimed to bring developers new functionality at hand, and ease the development process by offering a wide range of time-saving methods for native objects, but also new objects that ease the coding process for everyday web applications, objects like Timers, Dictionaries, for validating user input, customizable Password Strength Meters, Color conversions, and so on.
This framework is different from the other JavaScript frameworks mainly because it enhances coding experience and not UI design.. Below are the Features :

  New Features  
  1. Over 350 functions and 15 new objects to suite almost all your needs.
  2. Object-oriented and module-based design
  3. Extensible (allows you to extend it with your own modules)
  4. Doesn't use any other JS frameworks (it's just pure native JavaScript code)
  5. Integrates with any JavaScript framework out there
  6. Native JS objects are not affected by this framework
  7. Most methods have one or more aliases so you can call them the way it makes sense to you
  8. Supports method chaining for instantiable modules, allowing you to write less and do more
  9. It was successfully tested on most major browsers (check the list below)
  10. Vast API documentation for the framework and all modules (PDF files for each one), filled with examples for each method
  Module List  
  1. ZJSU - the core of the framework
  2. ZJSU.Array - new array enhancements
  3. ZJSU.String - new string manipulation methods
  4. ZJSU.Object - basic object checking functions
  5. ZJSU.Timer - a new easier way of timing things in JavaScript!
  6. ZJSU.Validation - lots of validation methods for all your needs
  7. ZJSU.Color - color conversion methods for 12 color spaces!
  8. ZJSU.List - a does-it-all alternative to arrays
  9. ZJSU.Dictionary - mimics associative arrays
  10. ZJSU.Set - lists with mathematical methods (intersection, union, etc)
  11. ZJSU.PassMeter - customizable password strength meter
  12. ZJSU.URL - url manipulation methods
  13. ZJSU.Misc - other functionality
  Tested On
  1. Firefox 1.5+
  2. Safari 3+
  3. Chrome 3+
  4. Opera 9.5+
  5. Camino 1+
  6. Internet Explorer 7+
  How To Use This Framework
Before starting to create your web applications, first include the framework's core module, and then any other module you might need. Look at the following examples:

First including the core module

<script type="text/javascript" src="jsu.core.js"></script>

and then any other module you want:

<script type="text/javascript" src="jsu.validation.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jsu.list.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jsu.color.js"></script>

and so on. Excepting the core module (which has to be the first module included in your page), the order in which you specify the other modules is up to you, because all the modules are depending only on the core module (there are no modules that depend on more than the core module).